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1. How many years has Jetsurf been around ?

Jetsurf was founded by Martin Sula in 2008.

2. How much are Jetsurf Boards ?

Boards range from the Ultra Sport $9,900 GP $11,400 Race $12,400

3. How long is the Warranty for?

All boards come with a 1 Year Warranty, An option for an extended 2 Year Warranty is available.

4. Does Jetsurf offer service in my location ?

We offer national service and support for any repairs or warranty issues. Our service facility is located in Union City New Jersey.

5. What is the top speed of each board ?

Ultrasport 30MPH   GP 34MPH   Race 36MPH

6. What is the weight of each board ?

Ultrasport 43 LBS     GP 43 LBS     Race 40 LBS Wet Weight

7. Once the board is fueled how long can you Jetsurf for ?

45min – 1Hour

8. What type of engine does Jetsurf have and what oil is recommended ?

All boards are equipped with a 2 stroke MSR engine. We recommend Motorex Ocean Fully Synthetic 2-Stroke oil for best results.

9. Can I Purchase the Titanium Jetsurf ?

Yes, However we do not recommend this as your first board. The Titanium Jetsurf is designed for racers joining the Motosurf GP league. This high performance board does not come with any warranty and requires a much higher learning curve. The race model is our top recommendation for those looking for the best speed, weight and design balance.

10. Can I customize the graphics of my Jetsurf ?

Yes, custom board design starts at $800 and takes up to 8-12 weeks.

11. What is the weight limit to Jetsurf ?

The recommended Max load for best performance is 220 lbs, tho riders above the recommended weight are certainly still able to enjoy there Jetsurf.


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